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game central station


The sky is the limit! In my life I have done many things: post-production effects artist, video editor, 3D texture artist, animator, 3D  modeler, certified chef, tailor, costume designer, prop fabrication, music composer.  I have taken these skills and now made them into an arsenal while in school to learn concept design and development along with master planning.  I love to create, and with these skills the sky just may not be high enough.

Currently I have had the privilege to have been involved with such great themed projects such as The Edison at Disney Springs, The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs, the re-theming of the Hulk line queue at islands of adventure, the re-theming of the Orlando Eye, the Skeleton's unleashed museum, and Toppers Ice cream kiosks.

Alongside this I have over 15 years of design and media production experience on a professional level and 6 in a managerial role as a multimedia Director.   I have worked with clients such as J. Walter Thompson, McKay foods, Regions Bank, FEMA, Krystal Restaurants, Sonic Restaurants, broadcast programs such as Stargate: Atlantis and Outlander (feature film) as well as many smaller and independent vendors. 

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