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Curry Ford West Picture Perfect Holiday

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Marquee Signage

mele kaliki maka sign_Page_1.jpg
mele kaliki maka sign_Page_2.jpg
mele kaliki maka sign_Page_3.jpg

Hele Structure

hele scructure package_Page_1.jpg

Wooden Lantern Shroud


The Rune Escape Room Concept

The Rune Escape game2.jpg
This concept revolves around a 1920's geologist, Dr. Hans Hildebrandt, and his mysterious disappearance.  An odd stone left behind is the only clue... or is it? 

Arabian Souk Escape Environment

The Souk is  more than just an escape room.  It is a series of puzzles spanning a a larger area than a room.  Any of the clues and objects can be used in solving each puzzle.
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