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The Hellboy themed land was meant to be focused on the Troll Market from "Hellboy: The Golden Army".  This image is the entrance to the proposed land.  It is a non descript building facade meant to give a grand reveal to those who enter in search of the Troll Market

The retail store is a highly stylized interpretation of the images seen throughout the long running comic book series.

The Troll Gate signifies the entrance into the Troll Market.  It has been busted in by Hellboy himself and now just rests against the wall.

POV Walkthrough Video

Over the Course of Spring quarter 2017, I created a fully lit, propped, and populated POV walkthrough to coincide with the slideshow presentation.  Since i was creating the environments in Sketchup I decided to drop it into Lumion and allow the viewer to experience the environment from the eye level.  This video is the edited "sales pitch" version.  

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