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     La Petit Boulangerie, first and foremost, is a sensory walk through adventure.  It spawned for my love of both themed attractions as well as food.  With a masters in Themed Entertainment Design, I learned to be a story teller.  With an associates in Culinary Arts I learned about all things food.  It was only natural that I found a way to combine the two into an experience that is part dining experience, part escape room, and part walk through attraction.

     The adventure follows an original story of my creation where I have paired elements of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey with the courses of a formal meal.  To my surprised it matched up rather well. Alongside this I also did research on the link between the senses and memories.  This allowed me to define how we can use comfort food (smells, and tastes) to recall memories.

     Below you will find concept illustrations scene by scene as well as a button that will allow you to download and read the full thesis.  

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